Tyres in Halesworth & surrounding area.

The Tyre King

Tyre King are a Nexen & Prestivo tyre key dealer specialists.

We can offer tires from wheelbarrows to cars.......but not HGV's

We always give you All Inclusive Prices.....So the price we say is what you pay.

We offer the environmental disposal of all waste tyres.

  • Wheel alignment......... £24
  • Puncture repairs......... Free Of Charge

Balancing tyres is part of the price.

We don't deal in part worn tyres as we know we can supply you with a Brand New tyre at a competitive price.

  • FREE tyre safety check.

We will price match any local like for like offer.

What you should know when buying Tyres

Tread Depth

The legal limit is 1.6mm of tread depth across the central ¾ of the tyre all the way round. Anything less than this seriously compromises your safety and can earn you a fine of up to £2500 and 3 points on your Driving Licence, per tyre.

All major manufacturers put tread wear indicators into the grooves of their tyres, so that when they are flush with the main surface of the tyre, you know it's time to change your tyres.
We will check this for free and there's no need to book. We will only advise you to change your tyre when you actually need to, which is generally around 2mm.

Tyre Pressure

You should check your tyre pressures every two weeks and before any long trip, to ensure they meet the manufacturer's recommendations.

Tyre pressures should be checked cold (tyres not having run for at least 2 hours, or having run for less than 2 miles at low speed). The correct tyre pressure can be found in the vehicle's handbook and sometimes on a sticker on the door jam or fuel cap.
We will check and adjust your tyre pressures to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Tyre Condition

Visually inspect your tyres for cuts, cracks and bulges, as these can lead to slow punctures or blowouts.

We will check the tyre condition during a Free Tyre Safety Check or on a Summer/Winter check


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